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Making Decisions Together

By Lizann Lightfoot So many important life decisions come up during deployment, when spouses are on opposite sides of the…

Celebrating the Holidays

by Rachel Robertson Being apart during deployment is always a challenge, and holiday separations add another dimension. Fortunately, military families…
Books recommended for deployment and reunion

Deployment & Reunion Books

A few books we recommend for kids and grownups during deployment and reunion.

Common Symptoms of PTSD

by Karen Pavlicin Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, is a complex health condition that can develop in  response to a traumatic…

Your Happy Place

Life can be overwhelming. Outside factors threaten, bills pile up, laundry too, and, all at once, even the safe confines…

Financial Frontlines

When service members are deployed, their spouses are often left to run the household on their own, including paying the…