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Celebrating the Holidays

Military children with a deployed parent may be susceptible to feelings of sadness during the holidays. However, military kids are also resilient and resourceful, and with a little planning the adults in their lives can ensure a holiday season full of cheer, warmth, and cherished memories. Rachel Robertson, educator, and author of Deployment Journal for Kids, offers these ideas for celebrating with children during deployment. Honor traditions. Don't underestimate importance of continuity and beloved rituals in a time of change. Familiar celebrations are comforting to a child. Modify if necessary when managing the holidays on your own, but keep some familiar…
Books recommended for deployment and reunion

Deployment & Reunion Books

A few books we recommend for kids and grownups during deployment and reunion.

Common Symptoms of PTSD

by Karen Pavlicin Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, is a complex health condition that can develop in  response to a traumatic experience, usually a life-threatening or extremely distressing situation, such as combat, a natural disaster, car accident, or sexual assault, that causes a person to feel intense fear, horror, or a sense of helplessness. PTSD can affect a person of any age, race, gender, or job. While there are many instances of PTSD outside of military life, service members in combat and first-responder roles are generally exposed to more potentially-traumatic situations. Col. Bob Stewart, former chief of the Department of Behavioral…

Your Happy Place

Life can be overwhelming. Outside factors threaten, bills pile up, laundry too, and, all at once, even the safe confines of your home can feel like another part of a growing list of stresses. How do you find peace in the middle of chaos when you are too tired, busy, or angry to do all that needs to be done?

Be Inspired and Reenergized!

Request a deployment/reunion event for your group.

We have exceptional speakers available for keynotes or to lead military family events. All workshops and presentations are customized to meet the needs of the participants/audience.

Karen Pavlicin’s workshops:

“Your dynamic presentation to the unsung heroes of the 10th Mountain Division provided instruction, encouragement and hope at a critical time and will have a major impact on the health and welfare of the Soldiers and families at Fort Drum, NY.”—Command Chaplain Nichols

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