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Financial Frontlines

When service members are deployed, their spouses are often left to run the household on their own, including paying the bills and balancing the checkbook. Planning and preparation can make a big difference and help keep you from coming down with four common money woes.

Can’t Sleep?

One of the most common challenges during a deployment is getting a restful night's sleep. Sleep is essential for making it through the long haul of deployment and reunion. We need sleep to keep us happy and healthy—for ourselves, our families, and our military loved one. Try these tips to help your mind and body get much-needed rest

Simple Patriotism for Kids

Patriotism means love and devotion to one's country. Although patriotism can be shown in a variety of ways, it’s important to begin with the basics. Here are some suggestions to help kids learn about patriotism.

Budgeting for Deployment

A basic budget should be a part of everyone's financial planning, regardless of deployment status. A carefully planned budget helps ensure you have enough money for your daily living expenses as well as for your longterm savings goals.

Be Inspired and Reenergized!

Request a deployment/reunion event for your group.

We have exceptional speakers available for keynotes or to lead military family events. All workshops and presentations are customized to meet the needs of the participants/audience.

Karen Pavlicin’s workshops:

“Your dynamic presentation to the unsung heroes of the 10th Mountain Division provided instruction, encouragement and hope at a critical time and will have a major impact on the health and welfare of the Soldiers and families at Fort Drum, NY.”—Command Chaplain Nichols

To arrange an event, contact